Web Wayfinding for Airports

We work with airports to increase non-aeronautical revenue and improve traveler experience because happy passengers increase airport revenue

Improve passengers' experience
Maximize non-aeronautical revenue and profits
Get travelers where they need to be, when they need to be there
Provide information for passengers every step of the journey
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Only 34% of passengers were satisfied with their airport experience



57% fear missing boarding the plane and consequently get to the gate very early



Only 21% of a traveler's time is spent in commercial areas

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Increase non-aeronautical revenue

Guide passengers around the airport
Show passengers retail, food and drink outlets
Offer information about your retail, food and drink outlets
Encourage passengers to dwell in commercial areas
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Get travelers where they want to go

Visitors can plan turn-by-turn routes from offsite to onsite as well as to and from POIs
Eliminate the hassle of navigation for travelers
Allow visitors to self navigate quickly and efficiently
Search for and navigate to the nearest restrooms, retail outlets, or food and drink
Smartphone displaying airport navigation map to burger joint.

Passengers that can self-navigate are more satisfied with their terminal experience

Maximize passenger satisfaction
Visitors can plan a route around the airport taking into consideration their needs
Provide accessible routes for those with mobility aids
Offer onward travel planning via cab, liftshare apps, public transport or hire car facilities

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