Web Wayfinding for Stadiums

We work with fan-favorite stadiums and arenas to create a great gameday experience, drive food, drink and merchandise revenue and get fans to their seats.

Create a great fan experience on game day
Direct fans to concession stands
Locate the nearest restrooms and other amenities
Build routes around the stadium for quick navigation
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Food & Drink

of fans cited that they have had issues with their food and beverage experience at games


Order size

reduced friction has proven to increase the average order size by 23% at games



of premium fans would spend more money for a better in person experience


What would your stadium look like with wayfinding?

merchandise route
toilet route
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offsite to onsite phone
merchandise route
toilet route
burger joint stadiums poi
offsite to onsite phone
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Drive food, drink, and merchandise sales

Maximize the time your fans are in your stadium. With web wayfinding, they'll be able to find exactly where they need to go with clickable and searchable POI information. They can find food, drink, or merchandise outlets quickly and easily and get information like opening times, prices, promotions and more.

Reduced friction has proven to increase the average order size by 23% at stadiums
Give fans the information they need while in your stadium
Include opening times, promotions, and prices in your POI information
Fans can create routes from their seats to food outlets and back
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Help fans navigate around the stadium

Fans want to find where they need to go quickly and easily. Help fans find their way around, whether it's their seat, nearest restrooms, merchandise stands, or food outlets. When they’re ready to return to their seats, they can navigate back quickly and as efficiently, so they don’t miss any action. At the end of the game, they can then self-navigate back to their parking lot easily.

28% of regular attenders think stadiums are not easily accessible
Fans can search for the amenities closest to their seats
46% of regular attenders think they cannot exit stadiums quickly after the event
Fans can navigate to the stadium from home as well as within the stadium
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Create a great gameday experience

There are more ways to watch sports and greater coverage of games, than ever before, meaning the in-stadium experience for your fans is even more important. Create a frictionless game day for your fans from start to finish.

45% of premium fans would pay more for a better in-person experience
43% of fans think the outside and inside stadium experiences feel connected
Direct your fans to exactly what they need when they need it including food, drink and restrooms
Accessible on any device, with a responsive design

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