Purple partnership further improves visitor experience for businesses

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Purple, the intelligent spaces company has announced its partnership with Allied Telesis, a leading provider of hardware and software products that allow customers to build secure, feature-rich, and scalable data exchange solutions, supporting their TQ5403 Series of wireless Access Points.

Data analytics are imperative when it comes to optimizing venue operating costs and public safety compliance. 

The operational costs of running a physical venue can mount up fast, especially with global venue closures due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Requirements to comply with government guidance, assure visitor safety, and optimize operational efficiency mean that businesses must use data and new technologies to save money where possible.

The Purple solution sits on an existing Wi-Fi network and provides an array of detailed analytics on user behavior. 

Businesses can use the information viewable from the Purple platform to enhance their visitor experience,improve operational efficiency and drive increased customer engagement.

Integration with the Purple solution is now available in the latest firmware release for the Allied Telesis TQ5403 Series of wireless access points

The TQ5403 is the world’s first hybrid access point supporting both multi-channel and single-channel (“Channel Blanket”) radio architectures.

Combining both enables the best possible coverage and mobile experience for large venues, busy offices, outdoor spaces, and industrial environments.

Allied Telesis Channel Blanket technology eliminates mobile roaming limitations and channel interference issues. 

The addition of the Purple captive portal means that user experience is improved and operating costs are lower. 
Allied Telesis’s powerful network automation solutions for wired and wireless networks, Autonomous Management Framework (AMF) and Autonomous Wave Control (AWC), are proven to save organizations time and money and are easy to use.

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