Customer analytics proven to boost business

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RIS News has found some interesting trending facts about how businesses can benefit from customer analytics.

The power of social media has enabled new brands to be discovered, with 50% of customers having tried a new brand because of recommendations through social sites!

The amount of people who own a mobile phone has increased incredibly over the past decade, and it has been shown that 42% of people aged between 18 and 36 have purchased through their mobile, with 28% of 35 to 54 years olds buying on the move.

Over half of retailers use real-time customer data capture at the point of sale, where it can improve organisations data-driven focus, and create the potential to increase revenue and boost profit growth 12 times through effective application.

Purple WiFi offers businesses a unique way to gather customer data and analytics. When customers log on via social media accounts, data is pulled and stored in the ‘Purple portal’ where it can be viewed, analysed and actively used to drive customer loyalty, footfall and sales.

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