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dotmailer integration with Purple|Dotmailer connector
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We are pleased to announce that our WiFi analytics solution is now compatible with dotmailer; the popular marketing automation platform.

dotmailer is a leading marketing service provider with data-powered automation at its core. dotmailer are passionate about shaping the omnichannel marketing space, and for nearly 20 years have helped thousands of clients strategize their campaigns and drive real business growth.

With dotmailer you can:

  • Build and design email campaigns in minutes
  • Segment your contacts based on preferences and behavioral data
  • Automate your marketing campaigns through email and SMS
  • Re-target subscribers through Facebook Audiences and Google AdWords

Purple’s dotmailer integration is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to engage with your customers and drive meaningful communications aimed at increasing click-through and conversion rates.

Now, when visitors authenticate onto your WiFi network, their name and contact details will automatically be synced and instantly sent to the address book of your choice within dotmailer.

By integrating with dotmailer, we are removing the need for marketing teams to manually extract and transfer data across different operating systems. This saves time and improves marketing efficiency.

Key features:

  • Real-time transfer of individual visitor information
  • Automatically send data to the address book of your choice
  • GDPR compliant – if users unsubscribe in Purple, they will be automatically unsubscribed in dotmailer
  • System checks for duplicates before creating a new user
  • Existing contact information will be automatically updated


  • Marketing automation – stay connected with visitors during and after they visit your venue to drive spend and encourage return rates
  • Integration – benefit from a constant flow of new contacts, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers
  • Reporting – see who opens your emails, how often they are clicked, and which visitors engage with your content

The decision to integrate with dotmailer was a simple one. dotmailer is a very popular platform and the number one choice for many of our customers. By integrating, we are making it easier for customers to get the most of the data they collect through Purple.

Getting set up:

Getting set up is simple. First you will need a dotmailer account. To set one up, click here, then head to the Purple Portal.

In the Portal, select Management > Connectors, from the left navigation panel. Then select dotmailer.

Next, you’ll need to head over to your dotmailer account to gather some information. In settings, select Access. Here you will be able to retrieve the information required to set up the integration. Head back over to the Portal and enter the applicable information.

Verify that your details are correct, click Save, and you’re good to go!

The dotmailer integration is now live within the Purple Portal, ready for you to use.

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