Family friendly Canterbury Cathedral

Family friendly Canterbury Cathedral
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Canterbury Cathedral wanted to take action following recent reports that public WiFi is being used to access explicit content and that 58% of venues worldwide currently have no content filtering in place.

They implemented the Purple WiFi platform in order to deliver a secure and legal Social WiFi solution and to offer free WiFi to its Cathedral Café visitors.

”We have been offering a WiFi service for our Cathedral Lodge clients and customers for a while, but as an internally managed system.” explains David Tunbridge, IT Manager at Canterbury Cathedral.

“We have been looking at alternatives for public WiFi access in our new Cathedral Café and chose Purple WiFi. Family-friendly access and legal compliance are very high on our list of priorities.”

How does the content filtering work?

Purple WiFi is a member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).  It also allows venues to block certain content – i.e. porn and illegal content, essential for public venues such as cathedrals, universities, hospitals and housing associations. To date, Purple WiFi has blocked approximately 10% of all public URL requests for its content filtered customers.

At Purple WiFi, we make sure our venue customers can be safe in the knowledge that their WiFi is secure and meets industry best practice. Purple WiFi supports legal compliance as part of its Free product, while content filtering is incorporated into its Premium product.

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