Hazel’s Blog, Part one

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As I sat down in front of the big screen, my job was to present my plan for So Purple’s marketing should I get the job of Digital Marketing Manager. There would be a lot to do! The company was formed about 4 months ago, forged from 5 tech companies and now under one umbrella brand – the So Purple Group. Already there were multiple brands and numerous marketing requirements.

Marketing of Purple WiFi would be my main focus in the first few months. Looking at the website purple (already live and attracting attention), the job should be a fun one. A unique product with great branding, and a core service that’s all about marketing through social media. Seemingly the Raison d’être of today’s marketing world.

So Purple has many other strings to its bow – including Purple Tech (business broadband, VoIP & tech support), Purple Broadband (a domestic broadband service) and Purple Studios (an off and online design agency).

So Purple is on a mission to make tech simple and accessible – creating a world where things work as you say and technical support means people who are actually technical answer the phones. Since marketing is the funnel through which much of the companies’ communications are formulated and channeled  I’ll be a big part of helping people to understand our services. And being a ‘non-techie’ might actually help – if I understand and can communicate our messages simply, they should be understandable and accessible to all. The office is packed with very techie, extremely clever bods, the systems are cutting edge and the excitement for the future is palpably brewing.

And there’s going to be a new office opening in Central Manchester, I’m told – a new development since my first interview just a few days before. I was starting the get the message – So Purple are growing fast. Sounds great – I love a challenge.

You’ve probably guessed that I got the job. So I’ll be writing regular blogs to update you on the company’s progress, and my progress at the company. I’ll also be sharing digital marketing techniques and advice, keeping you up-to-date with stuff that’s happening in the world of WiFi and other hopefully useful topics. Some of my colleagues will be blogging about their specialist areas too – we’ll be introducing members of the sales, design and technical sides of the business, as well as our management team, who will share their own special brand of expertise with you. Please do join the Purple Party – comment, tweet, follow, and generally put in your two-penneths worth whenever the mood takes you.

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