Pubs & Bars Score Big During Euros

pubs & bars score big during euros
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Purple Insights Highlight Revenue Opportunities for Pubs During Euros

Purple, the intelligent spaces company, today revealed a surge in pub-goers during the first week of the European Football Championships compared to the same period last year, highlighting the tournament’s powerful draw for fans eager to soak up the atmosphere.

Harnessing the power of its intelligent spaces platform, which captures data from WiFi logins, Purple identified a 37% year-on-year increase in pub visits across the UK during the opening week of the tournament. This surge in footfall underscores the excitement and sense of community that major sporting events bring, as fans flocked to their locals to cheer on their national teams alongside fellow supporters.

“The Euros always generate a buzz, and this year is no exception,” said Dean Cookson, SVP Marketing at Purple. “Our data reveals that fans are eager to come together and enjoy the matches in a vibrant pub environment. For operators, this surge in footfall presents a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on the tournament fever and drive revenue.”

The data also revealed fascinating insights into fan behavior and the impact of match scheduling:

  • The Friday night kickoff for Scotland’s clash with Germany saw a 67% increase in pub visits compared to the equivalent Friday in 2023
  • England’s Sunday evening match against Serbia drew a 22% increase, suggesting that many fans opted for a more relaxed home viewing experience for this game
  • Scotland’s Wednesday night game against Switzerland saw a 38% increase in visitors. While a significant uplift, this was markedly lower than the Germany game, perhaps due to it being a mid-week fixture and Scotland having endured a heavy defeat in their opening game
  • The time of the England vs Denmark match – a 5pm kickoff on a Thursday – saw a staggering 74% year-on-year increase in pub visitors, as fans flocked straight from work to secure their spots

“Savvy operators can use insights like these to make smarter decisions that enhance the customer experience and maximise revenue during major sporting events,” commented Dean Cookson, SVP of Marketing at Purple. “By aligning staffing levels, promotions, and entertainment schedules with anticipated peaks in footfall, pubs and bars can ensure they’re creating a winning atmosphere for both fans and their bottom line.

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