Purple and Smarter WiFi reach new heights at renowned ski and climbing centres

Purple and Smarter WiFi reach new heights at renowned ski and climbing centres|
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Purple, the intelligent spaces company, has revealed that the Ice Factor, Snow Factor and Bar Varia are collecting four times more CRM data following the installation of its solution by Smarter WiFi.

The Scottish attractions draw visitors from far and wide as the Ice Factor is home to the world’s biggest indoor climbing walls and the Snow Factor has the UK’s longest indoor real snow slope. With guest WiFi already on offer, the group sought an improved method of capturing visitor details so they could effectively distribute campaigns about events, promotions and news to the right people.

By using Purple, brands that want to engage with visitors and understand the use of their physical spaces can deliver a guest WiFi solution that generates real-time analytics and marketing. Through the process of creating ‘Intelligent Spaces’, Purple can help venues and businesses to learn more about their location and customer base, and help them to take action.

Lynn Aitchison, Group Marketing Manager at the Ice Factor, Snow Factor and Bar Varia, said: “We did previously have a guest WiFi solution in place but the only way that we captured email addresses was through direct bookings. However, this meant that for large groups we would only capture data about the individual that actually placed the booking. We needed a tactical way of capturing data about as many of our visitors as possible.”

The group trialled Purple for a month in June 2016 and saw a 61% increase in the number of people joining the WiFi week on week, plus a surge in Facebook likes. Due to the results obtained, the group signed a contract with Purple and Smarter WiFi to deploy the solution and TP-Link hardware at every venue, with WiFi even installed at the summit of the 168-meter downhill slope at the Snow Factor.

Over the last six months, 14,000 visitors have logged into the WiFi through a unique splash page, improving both brand recognition and ease of access. These details have been exported and uploaded into their own email marketing platform, with the group now collecting almost four times more CRM data than when they only collected email addresses from direct bookings.

Lynn comments: “The solution delivered by Purple and Smarter WiFi is now key to our data capture strategy. We have experienced a considerable increase in our email marketing database each month since the installation of Purple.”

The amount of people logging into the WiFi over the last six months has increased by 164%, with 2,863 people accessing the service in January 2017. With average visitor numbers totalling 10,000 each month, it shows that over a quarter of visitors seek WiFi at the leisure venues, with 62% logging in whilst drinking and dining at Bar Varia, the adjoining bar to the slope at the Snow Factor.

Communications are regularly sent out to those who have visited the family attractions and the platform is proving particularly useful when notifying people about special events. Email results have improved since using Purple, with over a quarter of all recipients now opening emails, highlighting that Purple equips businesses to collect a better quality and quantity of data.

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “The results from the Ice Factor, Snow Factor and Bar Varia speak for themselves. Purple’s solution is proving invaluable to the group as thousands of their visitors are accessing the efficient WiFi service every month while the team collect more CRM data than ever before. This case demonstrates how Purple can be used in all sectors, including leisure, and that great outcomes can be easily achieved.”

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