Service Provider and Reseller WiFi management

Service Provider and Reseller WiFi management
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As our reseller and service provider network has grown (and likewise their network of customers), the complexity of managing that estate has also grown.

We are now rolling out a brand new version of our WiFi management system including a two minute video demo. We will also be providing a quick overview of some positive changes to our reseller program.

Key features

Some of the key features of this platform are:

  • View your entire customer and venue estate, across different hardware
  • Set up, amend and remove customers
  • Create and manage hierarchies within your customers’ accounts
  • Add new hardware to venues, quickly and easily
  • Add and change permissions of users within customers and venues  
  • Set bandwidth limits and channels at a hardware or venue level, and more
  • Remote management of any hardware running our firmware

Video Demo

This is just a flavour of some of the management functions now available to our resellers and service providers. Please watch the following demo video if you’d like to find out more.

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