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The history of online shopping
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eCommerce sales for 2021 are expected to exceed $4.9trillion USD! The ability to go online and purchase what we want or need within a minutes is something that the world has become strangely acustom to, and is certainly something that over time will become even more integrated. Check out these important steps taken to drive…

A Purple celebration for the launch of WiFi at Camden Stables Market
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On September 4th, we officially launched Purple WiFi at Camden Market with a party for our partners, customers and guests. The event, held at the stunning Gilgamesh venue in Camden Stables Market, brought together the great and the good from the local community, our partners Cisco Meraki, as well as a mixture of Purple WiFi…

What's in store for the future of point collecting?
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Everybody loves a good deal! Many of us will admit to carrying several loyalty cards around with us to make sure we get access to some of the best deals. But in today’s society we are used to getting everything fast – it’s a world of instant gratification. Point collecting may now seem like a…

Can stores compete with online shopping?
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Facts and figures Today’s newly released ONS (Office of National Statistics) retail figures show a clear upward trend in the retail market, with an increase of 3.7% compared to February 2013.  Increasingly customers are more confident in spending their money and inflation in stores is at an all time low. As the details in the…

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