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Purple helps physical venues survive and thrive through optimizing safety, enhancing the visitor experience, and driving revenue. This is achieved through connecting multiple data sources – many of which already present in a venue – such as WiFi, sensors and bluetooth beacons, to our cloud-based platform. From here, businesses get a complete view of what is happening in their space, allowing them to make informed decisions and drive meaningful experiences through a number of built-in intelligent space solutions.

This is how we do it


Our cloud-based WiFi platform provides an overlay to your existing WiFi infrastructure, so no extra hardware is required. Setup is seriously quick – we’re talking under an hour – and everything is managed via an online portal.

When visitors connect to WiFi, our captive portal captures key contact and demographic information – compliantly of course – which allows you to get to know your visitors, quickly analyze data, and follow up with personalized marketing campaigns.

Purple’s analytics capability is non-comparable, and as market leaders, we provide an enterprise-class and scalable solution that is ideal for sizable estates.

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Digital Wayfinding Indoor Navigation


We specialize in mapping buildings and transforming floor plans into visually pleasing digital maps that can be displayed online, on kiosks and in app; enhancing the navigation experience for your visitors.

Our mobile app uses hybrid technology including BLE beacons, WiFi, and geomagnetic positioning to accurately track a visitor’s location indoors via a ‘blue dot’.

By utilizing the built-in magnetometer and other smartphone sensors, we can use the magnetic field inside buildings to pinpoint and track visitors within 3 – 5 feet. Our hybrid approach means significantly less hardware is required, so we are extremely cost effective and can offer competitive pricing.

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Presence & Location

Our cloud-based platform provides an overlay to WiFi, 2D and 3D sensor hardware. When connected, occupancy and location data captured by the hardware feeds directly into a number of reports and dashboards within our online portal.

When visitors enter, exit and move around your venue, they are counted, and their movement is monitored with precision accuracy, which allows you to automatically monitor occupancy, and analyze how visitors move around your space.

Don’t worry – all of the data collected is completely anonymous so there is no need to worry about privacy!

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This is who we do it for

22 Billion

We’ve collected more than 22 Billion data points

15 Billion

Seen more than 15 Billion visits upwards of 50,000 venues

160 Million

We support 160 million unique users with 99.9% uptime

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