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Purple helps businesses transform their physical venues into intelligent spaces. From data capture, predictive analytics, and engagement, to helping customers quickly navigate complex venues.

This is how we do it

Purple WiFi

From frustration to fruition. Purple’s WiFi analytics and WiFi marketing software solution sits on top of an existing guest WiFi network, and by using a captive portal allows users to view collected data in a personalized dashboard.

Purple’s WiFi analytics portal and marketing suite enables users to analyze data from guests who have authenticated onto the guest WiFi, which provides key insight into customer demographics, interests and other social likes.

Purple’s analytics capability is non-comparable, and as market leaders, we provide an enterprise-class and scalable solution that is ideal for sizable estates.

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Purple Wayfinding

Purple's Wayfinding solution then allows businesses to enhance the traditional customer experience even further via the use of indoor maps, geo-fencing, location analytics, and blue-dot wayfinding technology.

We help users understand how guests move around and interact with their venue, setting unique boundaries that measure footfall, dwell, frequency of visits and return rates.

Purple's latest product assists with indoor navigation for large complex buildings such as stadiums, hospitals, large entertainment venues and even offices. Our wayfinding technology uses CAD drawings of a building, geomagnetic technology, and BLE beacons to create a recognizable user-interface that guides guests, turn-by-turn to their desired indoor location.

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This is who we do it for

22 Billion

We’ve collected more than 22 Billion data points

15 Billion

Seen more than 15 Billion visits upwards of 50,000 venues

160 Million

We support 160 million unique users with 99.9% uptime

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