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Collect data and action insights before, during and after diners visit your venue

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Identify your diners

Capture data in real-time including name, age, gender, contact information and much more via our captive portal. View and analyze the data with ease from a centralized reporting dashboard.

Understand visitor movement

Map visitor movement in and around your venue to help you understand busy periods and better manage staffing requirements. Collect data on the paths visitors take, how long dwell and where they enter and exit your venue.

Promote offers & discounts

Make it beautiful, branded and seamless for your visitors to log in anytime, at any of your venues. Promote offers and encourage app downloads with our fully customizable splash screens.

Personalize diners experience

Use data to understand your audience and know users' buying requirements, both in the online and offline worlds.

Native TripAdvisor integration

Increase visitor reviews by using our Trip Advisor integration tool that allows you to prompt reviews during or after diners to leave your establishment.

Company level analytics

Company level analytics provide a single overarching view of your top-performing venues.

3.7 million

WiFi users in 18 months

Case Studies

Pizza Express

PizzaExpress is working with Purple and Redcentric to deliver a free, fast and secure guest WiFi network and tailor the diner experience across 470+ restaurants across the UK and Northern Ireland.

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