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Partnering with Purple allows you to differentiate your services through offering a 'best in class' advanced WiFi solution that enables customers to deliver ROI on their WiFi infrastructure.

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Purple Partner Promise

  • Partners develop a valuable & constant revenue stream for potentially up to seven years. 

    The earning potential for Partners is driven by Purple offering the same level of license discounts (30% with deal registration) on all renewed deals.

    Partner recurring revenue can be further enhanced with additional license discounts (16% to 30%) on three, five and seven-year contracts.

  • Purple Partners offer customers an opportunity to develop a commercial validation of a wider WiFi infrastructure investment.

    Purple has delivered increased revenue worth millions through capturing new CRM data and then providing insight that has changed how physical venues operate. 

    Purple is installed in over 45,000 venues.

    Purple is the world leader in offline data generation.

  • As a Purple Partner you are assigned a list of contacts across all Purple functions, including sales, marketing, customer success and technical support.

    Purple assists Partners in achieving commercial goals and with the Purple Partner Portal, Partners have an easy-to-access library of useful content and guidance.

    Purple is evolving its processes through a combination of technology and people, to provide the most friction free experience for Partners.

    Purple is creating a bilingual culture, with Spanish versions of content being created as standard for Partners.

  • Purple works with over 70 WiFi hardware vendors. 

    Purple is a simple software overlay that is compatible with all major manufacturers, including Cisco, Cisco Meraki, Huawei, Aerohive and many others.

    As a result of Purples ability to work with so many hardware brands, Purple is the perfect solution for Partners who are managing a mixed hardware estate, that needs a central analytics solution.

  • After analyzing thousands of transactions, Purple Partners sell approximately $15 of products and services compared to every $1 cost of Purple licences.

    Partners regularly use Purple to build business cases that justify and approve large WiFi infrastructure investments.

  • Purple customers access a new source of offline data that changes how venue operators view customer behavior.

    Through an expanding ecosystem of connecting platforms such as Salesforce and TripAdvisor, Purple merges online and offline data to give users a unique insight into their customer behavior, interests and demographic profiles.

    Purple partners can then forge deeper customer relationships and transform the customer relationship from operationally focused to one that is about commercial improvement.

  • Purple offers a globally compliant solution for Partners to discuss with customers.

    Purple customers provide every consumer the use of the Purple’s privacy portal called ‘My Data’. 

    Purple host and handle data in a way consistent with the standards of the EU’s GDPR regulations.

    All data purposes and rights are explained clearly and transparently to the end user in Purple’s EULA and privacy policy, which is presented in concise and user-friendly terms.

  • Purple Partner marketing will develop collateral and campaigns with Partners that build your business and help break into new markets.

    Using the Partner portal, Partners can easily download case studies, use cases and vertical market examples.

    Partners can apply for marketing campaign assistance and work with a Partner marketing team to help support business development plans.

Partner Benefits

Recommended for IT enterprises; our Approved partnership offers access to online training and a Purple 'champion' with online technical support.

  • T&Cs signed
  • From 15 up to 60 point discounts are available
  • Access to Purple Partner Portal
  • Online product and feature training
  • Online sales & marketing content
  • Co-branded marketing campaigns
Become a Partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do i become a partner?

    Please follow the “Become A Partner” tab above and accept the T&C’s email you will receive after completing the form.

    Our Partner Sales Managers will get in touch within 24 hours and guide you through the process.

    If you have an urgent opportunity to discuss and would like to speak with someone immediately, please call the office: Monday to Friday between 9am to 6pm GMT

    US T: +1 512 233 6788

    UK T: +44 333 101 4130

    EUROPE T: +34 917 693 584

    APAC T: +852 58 088 650

    ANZ T: +61 2 8520 3317

  • How does Purple help its partners?

    We encourage all of our partners to work with our Global Channel Marketing Manager to develop bespoke co-branded campaigns or to access co-branded content that has been developed.

    Purple also offer technical support managers who work with partners, to ensure a smooth implementation of Purple in the customers venues.

    Purple offer 24/7 global support, with hubs in Manchester, Santiago, Austin, Madrid and Melbourne.

  • How is the product priced?

    Purple is priced per access point, per annum.

    We offer a variety of 3, 5 and 7 year packages

    Purple “Network” is a license designed to enable initial engagement.

    Purple “Enterprise” is the all encompassing license that provides customers with a vast range of analytics and functionality.

  • Which brands do you work with?

    The Purple solution is used by some of the world’s biggest brands, including:

    RetailQuick Service RestaurantsStadium / EntertainmentTransportFinancial
    HarrodsMcDonaldsMiami HeatAenaJP Morgan Chase
    WalmartPizza ExpressLeeds RhinosBig BusSantander
    L’OrealWagamamaNECBarcelona TransportEurobank
  • Do i get commission or a discount?

    Partners have the potential to obtain substantial discounts on Purple list pricing.

    Currently, Purple offer a standard discount of 15% or 30%, depending on your Partner status.

    Additional discounts are available based upon the duration of any new deals secured.
    These discounts currently range from 16.7% through to 30%.

  • What is Purple?

    Purple is the global market leader in WiFi analytics and offline customer behavior.

    Our data intelligence platform delivers insight into customer behavior, customer identity and requirements whilst in physical locations.

    Through using multiple marketing tools, Purple’s customers are able to transform customer communications whilst consumers are in your venue, utilizing existing WiFi infrastructure.

    Some of the world’s biggest brands and venues use our cloud-based solution to collect demographic and behavioral data about every individual that accesses their in-venue WiFi.

    The data captured allows brands to generate ROI by enabling them to improve customer engagement, frequency of visits, business efficiency and spend.

  • How do i place an order?

    Orders are placed through your Purple Sales Representative.

    Purple use an e-sign document tool called PandaDoc, from which your Sales Representative will send you a proposal document which you will accept and e-sign.

    Upon order acceptance your licenses will automatically be assigned within your Purple portal.

  • Why do people partner with us?

    Purple partners can differentiate proposals with Purple and show end users how they can create new revenue and communication capabilities with their WiFi infrastructure.

    Purple is able to appeal to different roles within businesses from IT to Marketing, when prospecting as the product has various selling points.

    The solution appeals to businesses of all sizes and sectors so there’s an abundance of opportunities.

    It’s a fun product to sell, as customers are amazed at what analytics can be captured via WiFi.

    If you establish a Purple partnership within your services portfolio, you’ll have the power to unleash this knowledge and increase the value of your new business proposals.

  • How does Purple on-board new partners?

    After our first conversation, our Partner Sales Managers will identify how Purple will efficiently develop our relationship.

    Initially our focus will be on educating all of your sales organization about the potential Purple has and the technical information about our platform.

    After this we will focus on helping you sell Purple effectively with sales training content that helps partners position Purple with prospective customers.

  • Do you have different types of partners?

    Our Partner Program has three different partnership models; Approved, Preferred and Referral.

    Our Partner Sales Managers are here to get to know your business inside out and will recommend the best program based upon your own unique model, goals and objectives.

  • Which businesses would benefit from Purple?

    The global Purple customer base is varied and extensive, with customers covering a broad range of industries, including; bars, restaurants, retailers, shopping malls, theme parks, city wide WiFi, transport hubs, large public spaces, and healthcare locations.

    To understand whether a customer would find Purple useful, we suggest asking these initial questions:

    • Does the prospective customer have physical venues in their business?
    • Would that business want to gain insight they do not currently have into customer behavior whilst in those venues?
    • Is the prospective customers market being disrupted by innovative new entrants?
    • Is the prospective customer enthusiastic to transform customer engagement?
    • Is the prospective customer keen to optimize the effectiveness and value of their venues?
    • Would they like to increase repeat visitors and loyalty?
    • Have they invested in a mobile app, but are struggling to get download numbers up?
    • Would it be useful to be able to communicate with everyone that visits their venue(s), either via SMS, email, or via the app?
    • Are they looking to add profile information and valid email addresses to their customer database of all people who connect to WiFi?
  • Where does Purple have offices?

    Purple is a global company with offices in Austin, Melbourne, Madrid, Santiago and Manchester (HQ).

  • What training is on offer for a partner?

    Once you have access to the Partner Portal, you will find a plethora of training videos and resources to ensure you have all the information you need to resell Purple.

    The content available includes technical product courses and Purple sales support content.

  • What licenses do you offer?

    We have a core license which includes all of our Marketing tools and Data Capture features (?) as well as two add-on licenses.

    These are Location Services and Purple Protect.

  • Do Purple sell direct to customers?


    Purple is a channel business which means we do not sell directly to customers.

    We work in partnership with you to help sell Purple in every relevant opportunity and to financially benefit our Partners.

  • Do partners receive demo licenses?


    Within the Purple Partner portal, we will automatically create a customer account for you. This will be called ‘(Your Company Name) NFR’ and you will be able to assign NFR (not for resale) licenses in your offices to try it out.

    You can also use these licenses to demo the solution to your customers via a screenshare.

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