Setting up our guest WiFi is childsplay

Leverage the power of your WiFi network to delight your customers, while you gain valuable insight around your business’s physical space like never before.

Want it yesterday? We can’t quite manage that yet, but using your existing WiFi network, Purple can be up and running in less than one hour.

Guest WiFi as it should be

Today, successful businesses make the most noise about their customer experience, and we think guest WiFi should play an integral part in this.

Make it beautiful, branded and seamless for customers to login just once across all your venues and you’re on to a winner. Turn on social login too, and drive your social engagement through the roof.

Guest WiFi logins

Free vs. Paid WiFi?

At Purple, we’d certainly err on the side of guest WiFi being free, as there are many other ways of adding value by providing the service. That said, there are scenarios where businesses require a payment gateway, for a completely paid service or to differentiate one where you provide extra time or speed at a charge. Either way, we’ve got it covered.

Own the guest WiFi experience

Choose a template, drag and drop images and text into position and turn on, it’s really that simple. Or for those creatives out there, fully customize landing pages using Purple’s HTML editor.

Manage every step of the customer’s journey, from the first time you meet to the most recent, based on country, demographic, venue, celebration or location. You can also decide to charge or not charge for WiFi; whatever, wherever, we provide the tools you need.

Family safe WiFi

Mobile devices often provide a welcome distraction for children and adults when out and about as a family. But they are also a potential minefield for web safety and security.

Enter Purple; if you want your customers to have peace of mind about what happens on your network, activate our child friendly content filtering service.

Review my venue

In business, the only critic worth listening to is your customer. So if they give you great reviews, this often makes a huge impact on your bottom line. Switch on Purple’s new review feature and your business now has to the capability to receive reviews from your customers through industry leading review sites.


Make it meaningful and personal

If you’re going to communicate with customers then make sure it adds value. Personalization plays a huge role in keeping the customer happy and tailoring them to their individual needs increases spend stimulation.

Knowing when and where someone is in your venue, along with all the other forms of available data, makes these interactions timely, relevant and meaningful.

It’s logical

LogicFlow is Purple’s easy to use interface which comprises of drag and drop technology and the setting of actions.

Whether you need an action to track valuable assets, people, weather conditions or customer behavior, for creating hyper relevant communications, we’ve got it covered.

Getting it right

Our powerful campaign monitoring tools allow you to gain insight into real time versus historic results on all marketing communications, sent through the Purple portal.

Analytics like never before

Purple provides you with rich analytics about customers behaviour in physical spaces.

Similar to web analytics, Purple captures footfall, passers by, conversion and bounce rates, dwell times, return visits and frequency; a snapshot of what you need to know, to understand your venues.

Empower your people

Within the portal, Purple’s account management feature allows administrators to grant access to select or all venues within local or international geographical regions.

Varying between guest and group level access, marketeers, IT and business decision makers can manage their own dashboard of data, from within the portal in real time anywhere in the world.