Analytics Pro (beta): A detailed look at what’s new

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Reporting and analytics have been at the core of Purple’s product offering since the very beginning, allowing our customers to achieve the job of querying their visitor data and using that data to uncover the insights that drive actions. Naturally, the scope and demand from our analytics has evolved over the years, meaning the time was right to develop a completely new offering of our entire product suite to meet our customers’ expectations, starting with Analytics. Our current Analytics provides in-depth reporting, but lacked the flexibility to delve deeper into the data.


Query your visitor data in seconds

With our new Analytics, we set out to achieve a single goal:

“To give our customers complete customization of their visitor data and align that to their specific use-cases.”

This isn’t an update. We’ve built Analytics Pro from the ground up, continually enhancing completely new technology.

Look and feel

The first change is the look and feel of the new platform. The interface has a fresh, modern appearance with a clean layout. We’re now dedicating the majority of the screen to the individual report itself.

Note: We haven’t removed any functionality with the new design – our customers will still have access to all of the data available in the legacy platform, but they will be able to do loads more with it!

We’ve added a lot of new functionality that will allow tailoring of the way reports are used and the way the data can be viewed. Here’s a quick tour through the new layout.

One report per page

Being able to visualise the data presented is key to identifying and understanding customer and visitor trends. Our new report view works on the principal of one page, one report, and is designed to allow our customers to query their data, their way:

Top Bar

The first thing we’ve introduced is a large search bar across the top of the screen, enabling a whole range of functions. The search bar will become the centrepiece of the new platform. Currently, it can be used to navigate through company hierarchies in the same way we do in the legacy platform. But as we continue to develop the new platform, we will be opening this up to enable searching the entirety of the new platform; from splash page templates and reports, to even specific WiFi users. We will also be making the hierarchy a lot more granular, allowing customers to range their data query for their entire company estate right down to a singular access point.

We have also updated the fly-out menu on the left, defaulting to hidden, but allowing quick navigation through the available reports and then the rest of the platform as we build this out over the coming months:


We’ve added the ability to select between any date range, right back to when customers first switched on Purple, plus we have several predefined date-ranges available:



We’ve included a vast number of filters to allow our customers to slice and dice the data to get the granular detail they need. Several filters can be applied on top of each other, such as gender, age range and authentication method. We also give the option to either stack or segment the filter percentages.

Chart Types

We’ve made it easy for our customers to visualise their data by giving them the option to choose from a number of chart types including Line, Spline, Scatter, Column and Bar:

Data Table

As well as the full page graph, we also now show all visitor data in the table below. The table features a line for each date with the total number of visitors for that day. Filters can then be applied based on the total number of visitors. For example, a customer may only want to see how many days in the previous month where they had more than 200 visitors connect to the WiFi.

Analytics Pro is the first of many major releases and will remain in beta as we continue to add new reports and functionality over the coming weeks. We will also be adding other areas to the platform such as Access Journeys and our Marketing suite until we are at a point where we are ready to release the new platform as a whole.

Note: Analytics Pro and features accessible on the beta platform may require new or yet to be released license types and/or configurations once released in a production environment.

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