And the Lord said, thou shalt use WiFi

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Thou shalt use WiFi! On Sunday, WiFi usage received its most divine recommendation to date when St John’s Church in Mickleover, Derbyshire conducted the UK’s first digital church service.

Tablet computers and WiFi from the café next door was used to stream hymns and bible passages during the service.

Far from objecting to the idea, the congregation warmly welcomed the move, having found it difficult to read the small print in traditional bibles. With the tablet replacements, parishioners were able to increase the size of the font to suit their eyesight.

One member of the congregation commented “We have been experimenting with audio-visual technology for a while but to actually have it there in the palm of your hand is marvellous. It felt like you were holding a hymn book or prayer book, but you didn’t have to rummage around to find the right page.”

Clearly the congregation wasn’t deterred by the story of Adam, Eve and the ‘Apple’!

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