BlueCloudWiFi announces launch of Smart WiFi platform in Australia

BlueCloudWiFi announces launch of Smart WiFi platform in Australia
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BlueCloudWiFi announces the launch of its cloud based Smart WiFi platform for retail and hospitality businesses in Australia

Gold Coast, Australia 21 October 2014: BlueCloudWiFi has today announced the launch of its Smart WiFi platform. The cutting edge technology has been developed with UK industry leaders, Purple WiFi. The solution offers a feature rich analytical suite integrated with social networks, a marketing tool linked to geo fencing that automatically and instantly engages with customers via e-shot messages, and even location services and heat mapping that provides customer footfall and behavioural statistics reporting.

The new technology allows ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses to gather a wealth of demographic and behavioural insights in order to be able to engage in real time with consumers by sending targeted, relevant offers or information to drive revenue and loyalty.

The product has drawn considerable interest and uptake by major retailers, shopping centres and theme parks in the UK, Europe and the US. The owners of BlueCloudWiFi are hoping Australian businesses will also be quick to realize the benefits.

With their simple ‘plug and play’ BlueCloudWiFi box, they [the company] also expect to attract small business owners; coffee shops, cafes, bars, QSR’s, clubs, restaurants and visitor attractions as well as the larger enterprise clients like hotels, resorts, theme parks, shopping malls, airports, casinos and even town and city centre WiFi hotspots.

BlueCloudWiFi has recently entered into a partnership agreement with Goconet Pty Ltd and Firenet Pty Ltd, allowing the company to offer a complete holistic WiFi ‘one stop shop’ for businesses; hardware installations, systems integration, unlimited data ADSL2+ solutions complete with its new social, analytical and marketing cloud platform all come under the BlueCloudWiFi umbrella.

Colin Bland, Director of Business Development at BlueCloudWiFi, commented: “The core of the BlueCloudWiFi offering is simply information that any retail or hospitality business can use to increase market exposure, customer loyalty and revenue in a way never before possible, while satisfying the consumer demand for free WiFi in our ‘always-connected’ lives. Businesses can even try it risk free for a month on a small monthly subscription plan”.

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