Domino’s partner with Purple and Smarter WiFi

Domino's partner with smarter WiFi and Purple||
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Domino’s have signed a rolling contract with hospitality guest WiFi and analytics specialists, Smarter WiFi, to install a Purple-powered WiFi solution at 10 of their sites across the UK. Rollout to further stores is expected over the coming months to expand the overall estate and help Domino’s re-engage more effectively with customers. 

The cloud software has been installed over each site’s existing WiFi infrastructure and allows them to offer a branded access journey for customers, whilst also collecting customer data via a captive login portal.  

Customers access the network using either a short registration form or Facebook; either way, connecting is quick and simple. Upon login, customers are automatically redirected to the Domino’s website allowing the pizza brand to advertise offers and promotions prior to customers placing an order. 

Domino’s were keen to install a new technology that would allow them to compliantly collect customer data; specifically names and phone numbers. Moving forward, Domino’s will be using Purple’s SMS connector, Twilio, to send SMS messages to customers promoting offers.

Since the installation just three months ago, Domino’s have seen close to 5000 total visits, and over 2500 customers connect to their in-store WiFi across the 10 different sites.

Gavin Wheeldon, Purple CEO, said: “Thanks to the efforts of Smarter WiFi, we have seen an increase in the number of hospitality customers using Purple’s analytics platform. This coupled with the additional support and functions offered by Smarter WiFi creates an advanced WiFi network that allows customers to manage every step of their visitors brand journey, from initial login right through to personalized marketing.” 

Smarter WiFi’s Marketing Specialist, Maisie Coleman added “The Domino’s team have some ambitious plans and we are thrilled to be working with them. Through implementing this combined WiFi solution, Domino’s will be able to re-engage with customers in a really simple and effective way, enabling them to drive repeat visits and increase customer spend.”

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