Farmacorp sign WiFi analytics and engagement renewal with Purple

Farmacorp Digital partner with Purple WiFi
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Farmacorp, Bolivia’s largest pharmaceutical chain, have signed a one-year WiFi analytics and customer engagement renewal with InCloud IT and Purple.

The WiFi solution, which is present in over 60 pharmacy’s across Bolivia – soon to be 130+ following scheduled expansion – offers customers a secure, high-speed guest WiFi connection with a simple and customized access journey, whilst also enabling Farmacorp to capture key customer data via Purple’s captive login portal.

Through analyzing the data, Farmacorp have been able to better understand their customers demographics, interests and behavior at individual pharmacy locations and across their entire estate.

Bernardo Molina, Head of Digital Marketing at Farmacorp, said: “The data captured has helped us improve the user experience both digitally and in-store. The platform is sophisticated and so allows us to segment and target different customer groups with personalized communications easily. We are also able to see our peak times which means we can better manage staffing requirements, ensuring the best in-store experience.”

Molina, continued: “We have the best loyalty club in the country and Purple has been crucial in helping us identify our most loyal customer demographics and locations. We use the platform to segment this data and offer promotions through the digital channels our customers use most, and with Purple, we have been able to track the success of these campaigns.”

Farmacorp has recently been named by Forbes as one of South America’s top 10 customer-focused businesses. “Customer experience is something we take very seriously and Purple has played a significant role in supporting our efforts to continually improve this,” said Molina, “We use data from multiple sources to track customer trends so we can provide the best products and prices.”

Since the installation of WiFi analytics in early 2018, Farmacorp has seen 1.4 million visits to their pharmacy’s, and have added more than 65,000 new customer records to their database.”

Cleide Vieira, Customer Success Manager at Purple, said: “Providing customers with a superior experience is now a key differentiator between companies looking to increase the lifetime value of their customers. WiFi analytics plays a significant role in that, and we want to support businesses in delivering a stand out WiFi experience for customers, whilst also benefiting the business with customer insight that they can use to improve internal processes. It has been a pleasure working with Farmacorp and I can’t wait to see the success we achieve together moving forward.”

Molina, concluded: “It has been really easy to work with Purple. We meet regularly with our Customer Success Manager, Cleide, to discuss our general objectives and understand the full potential of the tool and how it can help support those objectives.”

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