How Purple WiFi can transform your conference

How Purple WiFi can transform your conference
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Free, fast, and reliable WiFi tops meeting requirements

According to Benchmark Resorts & Hotel, fast and reliable free WiFi is the top planning issue for conference meetings today. With up to three wireless devices per each attendee, WiFi expectations at conferences are undoubtedly high. The WiFi must have the capability for easy access, fast browsing and capacity to manage a large number of devices.  

Conferences and events rely on communication

Communication is a top priority of event organisers, whether they are hosting a large corporate function, an international exhibition or an annual music festival.

Visitors want to can connect easily and pick up the latest news and information. Event managers want to know that the connection is secure, won’t interfere with commercial internet traffic and will be legally compliant.

Using social media allows planners, moderators and attendees to communicate with each other quickly. These same networks are being used after events to find out what went on and how to get involved.

Benefits of answering the call for connectivity!

The benefits to events organisers are huge, both in terms of communication and being able to produce measurable results to determine the event’s success. With Purple WiFi, visitors can easily receive notifications about programme changes, special guests and transport to and from the venue. Organisers can understand footfall and movement around the space.

The value of data capture

Businesses are also utilising WiFi to capture data about attendees. Who used the WiFi, when, how long for, what did they look at? Were there any attendees who didn’t log on? Other types of data can also be collected, including email, location, gender and age – invaluable information for marketers. Users are informed of the data that will be collected, how it will be used and why it will be of benefit to them. There is also the choice to opt out. By allowing data collection, venues can identify what’s worked well and what can be improved upon to maximise monetisation.

Personalised offers

By using this data, event managers can send real-time personalised offers to reward guests who have logged in. Guests could receive a discount offer for the food outlets, or a deal on a forthcoming event, even recognising who the returning customers to the venue are and rewarding them accordingly.

Safe content

Another benefit of secure WiFi when using mobile devices is content filtering.  Access to content can be filtered to suit a particular industry or the conference needs. Highly manageable security ensures that only appropriate content is accessed. Blocks can be applied by category or by a particular site to suit each event, increasing confidence and loyalty.

WiFi provision can be cost effective

Accommodating the demand for WiFi doesn’t have to be expensive; costs can easily be recouped through WiFi marketing and creating operational efficiencies. Social WiFi, for example, provides a frictionless login. Users simply connect with their social media accounts and future logins are even easier as the device will automatically connect. A Facebook ‘like’ or a tweet will encourage others to visit that venue year on year. In other words, WiFi provision and marketing can be part of one cost.

An additional revenue stream could be created by attracting sponsors for the WiFi splash page, from full branding to specific offers during breaks.

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