July release feature preview

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With the July update of our portal coming up, we want to let you know about some of the great new features you can expect, and also give you the opportunity to sign up to one of our preview and training webinars.

Below is an overview of some of the new features you can expect.

Custom HTML splash pages.

One of the stand out features of our July portal update will be the ability to create and upload your own custom HTML, CSS and Javascript based splash pages.

We’ll give you the ability to upload your images directly to our servers, and also provide you with snippets of code to ensure your authentication methods work perfectly.

You’ll be able to edit, tweak and preview your custom splash page as you go, and you can create custom on and offline templates.

You’ll also be able to create language versions of your custom templates and translate all your custom content within the portal using our built in translation engine.

SMS e-shots

Our second major feature release is the ability to send SMS based e-shots to your visitors.

You’ll be able to create SMS communication campaigns using all the demographical based parameters our email campaigns currently offer, and you can do this globally to all your visitors.

In addition to this we’ve completely overhauled your ‘My account’ area, and you can now add funds to your account that can be spent on email and SMS based communication campaigns with the portal.

Demographic and device based redirects

Next is a feature we’ve been constantly asked for! We’re introducing the ability to redirect your users once online based on their demographic, or by the type of device or OS they are using.

This means you can send visitors very specific landing pages based on their gender, age, number of visits or the type of device they are using.

In addition to these headline features, we’ll also be releasing:

  • Journey and sensor management within our Floor Plan management feature.
  • The ability to add links to images within your splash pages, and view click through reports on the link behavior.
  • The ability to add links to email eshot images, and view click through reports on the link behavior.
  • A new resource area for our partners that will include marketing material, latest news, training documents, videos and more.
  • The ability to create your own custom dashboards within the portal and add the reports that you view the most.
  • The ability to apply granular user privileges allowing specific portal areas to be hidden, read or write access to be assigned for accessible areas and restriction of PII (personally identifiable information).
  • A new iPad friendly view with iPad specific features and view options.
  • New and updated reports added through the portal with optimisation and speed improvements.
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