Leading real estate company partner with Purple and Coverage Points

Leading real estate company partner with Purple and Coverage Points
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Leading commercial real estate company, Alandalus Property, have partnered with Coverage Points and Purple to install an advanced WiFi network at two of their popular shopping destinations in Saudi Arabia.

The 3-year deal will see Alandalus Property fund the provision of a Purple-powered guest WiFi and analytics solution at both Hayat Mall and Alandalus Mall.

The solution has been installed at both locations over a number of Cisco Meraki access points and offers a high speed and secure WiFi connection for shoppers, whilst also capturing key demographic and location data for Alandalus Property.

The data is collected compliantly when guests connect to the WiFi via a captive login portal and is stored within a centralized reporting platform ready for the company to access and analyze at any time. With the option to segment and filter the data in over 5000 different ways, Alandalus Property will be able to analyze the data at a very granular level, allowing them to identify trends and patterns in customer demographics and behavior.

The added benefit of real-time analytics means Alandalus Property will be able to build a better understanding of the people that visit the malls, and how they move around them. The data will also support discussions around operational improvements and help drive personalized marketing communications.

The solution has a number of additional features which Alandalus Property are currently using including NPS surveys, which are sent to guests to understand the purpose of their visit, and customizable splash screens, which the company will use the advertise and drive downloads of the mall’s app’s.        

Bader Almubarak, Managing Director at Coverage Points, said: “The cloud-based WiFi solution offered by Purple, coupled with our value-adding services and support, gives Alandalus Property a competitive advantage through understanding shoppers demographics, real-time footfall across the mall zones, and shoppers feedback using the survey features offered by our combined solution. Based on this granular data, Alandalus Property can create relevant and personalized marketing campaigns using our solution.”

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