LigoWave join Purple’s global partner network

LigoWave join Purple’s global partner network
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Purple has formed a new technology partnership with LigoWave, leading provider of innovative wireless solutions, to provide customers with in-depth analytics around their physical spaces.

LigoWave specialize in developing wireless networking equipment for the wireless broadband and enterprise market segments; with an emphasis on innovation, versatility, and affordability.

The business operates globally with customers in over 150 countries, and since inception in 2007, have brought on a wide scope of customers across multiple industries.

LigoWave’s product lines have expanded to meet all markets, including point-to-multipoint data distribution, point-to-point bridges for backhaul applications, and access points for indoor applications.

LigoWave’s Infinity access point range is now fully integrated with Purple’s WiFi analytics solution.

The solution will allow customers to offer a fast, seamless and secure WiFi connection for guests whilst also capturing key demographic and behavioral data such as name, contact, date of birth, footfall, frequency of visits and more, via Purple’s captive login portal.

With the data collected, customers can build a better understanding of their current visitors and tailor their operational models to deliver an improved in-venue experience. They can also increase visitor engagement, retention and spend through sending real-time, personalized communications via email and SMS.

Evaldas Velavicius, Head of European Sales at LigoWave, commented: “The partnership between LigoWave and Purple is a big step forward for both companies as the outcome is an even more flexible WiFi solution powered by an analytics and marketing platform that allows SMBs to launch powerful advertising campaigns.”

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