Meraki launches presence analytics API

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As a Meraki Technology Partner we were very excited when we got hold of the presence API several weeks ago. This is something we have been doing with our AirTight Networks integration for a while now so the capability within Meraki came as a very welcome piece of the puzzle.

On top of our integration with Social WiFi and the extensive reporting we are already able to provide, we are also now able to give wider insights about devices that are not authenticated onto the guest WiFi network. Termed as ‘Presence Analytics’ this booming market aims to give bricks and mortar businesses some of the rich analytical data that web properties, through programs like Google Analytics, have enjoyed for a long time.

Now there are a few other vendors working within Retail Analytics using presence, what you get with this is a lot of numbers, similar to Google Analytics, which is unbelievably valuable information. Things such as footfall, window conversion rates, engagement or bounce rates and heat mapping to mention a few. What we are able to do is layer on top of that data from authenticated users so you can then get a statistically significant sample of those users and see what the demographical make up is. Do females of a particular age range convert better, spend more time or engage more with your venue?

You can slice it and dice it in any way you want and get real, actionable intelligence about how to improve your interactions with customers in the real world.

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