Purple and Airship land a winning solution for Revolution Bars Group

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Revolution Bars Group have commissioned CRM provider, Airship, and WiFi analytics provider, Purple, to deliver a new welcome journey for their first-time visitors to increase customer retention.

Purple and Airship have implemented a solution that enables Revolution Bars Group to collect key demographic data on their customers and drive engagement through a hyper-personalized experience.

Purple’s WiFi analytics solution has been installed over 231 access points across 68 of the groups 72 locations; enabling customers to access the WiFi in exchange for a few personal details by logging in with their social media accounts or a short customized form. Airship’s integration with Purple enables them to send the data, collected in real-time, to Airship’s CRM and segment the data to create specific customer profile groups.

Airship created a four-stage marketing communication strategy that included a series of targeted email broadcasts with incentives aimed at encouraging repeat visits and driving revenue.

Airship used a mixture of unique codes (with an offer to redeem in venue) and click for call back mechanics to generate warm leads that could be followed up by Revolution’s sales teams at individual site level.

Over the course of the initial campaign, which ran between 1st June – 31st August 2017, Purple collected data on 95,869 guests. This made up 64% of the total data collected and used for Airship’s campaign. Using a combination of incentives like 50% off food and a free round of shots when making a booking, Airship achieved an average click rate of 17.47%, 425 visit redemptions, and generated 440 warm leads. This amounts to a total of 4.5% redemptions from engaged customers.

Dan Brookman, Airship’s Commercial Director, said: “Revolution were thrilled with the results that we managed to achieve from this campaign, generating hundreds of warm leads for their sales teams to take up. Without our partnership with Purple, we wouldn’t have been able to acquire such valuable data. Purple’s WiFi data, combined with our CRM and email marketing expertise, has allowed us to deliver a campaign with a significant return on investment for our shared client Revolution Bars Group.”

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “It’s great to see that almost 100,000 people logged into the guest WiFi. Offline makes up a huge proportion of a business’ customer base, particularly in the hospitality industry, and the importance of capturing this kind of customer data should not be underestimated.”

Wheeldon continues: “Airship have executed an exceptional campaign, and with access to Purple’s real-time customer insights and behavior, it’s clear to see that they have been able to make a big impact.”

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