Purple Partners with Comtrol UK to Enhance Guest WiFi

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Industry leader Purple and renowned technical solutions provider Comtrol UK have joined forces to transform guest WiFi into a powerful tool for driving business outcomes. This collaboration goes beyond traditional guest WiFi offerings and establishes a strong alliance set to benefit the industry.

Comtrol UK’s expertise in technical and service delivery solutions aligns seamlessly with Purple’s market-leading WiFi Analytics and Marketing platform, creating an enterprise-class guest WiFi solution. Purple’s cloud-based prowess complements Comtrol UK’s customer-centric approach, enabling channel partners to capitalize on new opportunities.

“We are excited to partner with Purple to bring a new level of innovation and value to the Guest WiFi market,” said Joseph Brunoli, Comtrol UK’s Director of Business Development.

This partnership underscores Purple’s commitment to aligning with top-tier solution providers and improving the landscape of guest WiFi solutions. Purple works with more than 40 OEMs including the large majority of leading brands and also integrates with many other systems and software, including 50% of the world’s largest service providers with customers such as; Manchester Airport Group,  Pizza Express and Merlin Entertainments.

“Purple is committed to providing businesses with the tools they need to leverage guest WiFi to its full potential,” said Gavin Wheeldon, Purple’s CEO. “Our partnership with Comtrol will enable us to deliver even more value to our customers.”

About Purple

Purple has transformed the industry by becoming the leading platform for comprehensive, flexible, and proven Guest WiFi. Operating in over 60,000 venues worldwide, Purple specializes in tailoring solutions for the healthcare, retail, hospitality, attractions, and transportation sectors. The Purple platform enhances relationships between businesses and their audiences, resulting in increased revenues, improved customer loyalty, and enhanced visitor experiences.

About Comtrol UK

Comtrol UK has been delivering agile and innovative technical solutions for over 35 years to market sectors including Hospitality, Government, Military, Medical and Transport. 

Winners of the Best Bespoke Communication Solutions Provider, and in 2023 Best IT Channel Value Added Distributor, Comtrol UK is committed to empowering IT channel success through its comprehensive suite of solutions, including wi-fi, fibre media conversion, serial comms solutions, and bespoke designed hardware and software.

For further information please visit purple.ai  comtrol.co.uk

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