Purple’s Salesforce Connector – 4 key perks

Purple’s Salesforce Connector – 4 key perks
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We’re constantly looking at ways to meet the demands of our customers, and following a number of requests and queries about Purple’s ability to integrate with Salesforce we took action. Back in March we officially unveiled our Salesforce Connector, which allows you to match your portal visitor records against your Salesforce data, giving you an enhanced understanding of who is coming into your venues.

With our connector, you can not only push data from the Purple Portal into your Salesforce account, but you can also choose to transfer information to both platforms simultaneously. Conditional rules can also be applied to ensure all of your Salesforce data is correctly matched with your portal records. For example, if a Salesforce customer email is exactly the same as an email in your Purple portal, the data sets will combine, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of each unique visitor.

But why is our Salesforce Connector so valuable to your business? What benefits can it bring to your sales process and customer interactions? Well, to help answer these queries we’ve pulled together a list of four key benefits below:

A Comprehensive Overview

Purple’s analytics data about an individual, including their name, age, gender and frequency of visits can be consolidated with your Salesforce records about their place of work, role, business contact number and email address to produce an all-encompassing customer profile. Through combining both their personal and professional information you’ll not only gain access to one succinct source of customer data but you’ll have an easy point of reference during sales calls. It will also prove useful for marketing teams when identifying target audiences and developing tailored marketing campaigns. For example, if you wanted to develop a campaign suited to males in managerial positions you could filter the data accordingly, an action only made possible due to the collaboration of data sets.

Tailored Experience

With access to your guests’ personal and professional profiles all in one place, you can easily identify what their needs are. For example, multiple guests from the same company might arrive at a hotel, and you can advertise your best group offers, or promote deals on meeting spaces and catering during their stay. Alternatively, if you noticed that a number of people from a specific business kept visiting your gym then you could contact the firm to offer them a company discount package. This not only encourages spend but could also help improve the visitor experience as they’ll feel valued having been offered an appropriate discount suited to them.

Organised Approach

Failing to take an organised approach to business can lead to mistakes being made and loss of custom. Merging your Salesforce and portal data is great for organisational reasons – rather than having to cross reference two databases when an opportunity arises, you can rest assured that all essential customer data can be quickly and easily accessed from your Purple Portal or via Salesforce. Hassle free and simplistic.

Engage with VIP’s

With the help of the Salesforce Connector, you’ll know when someone of importance visits your venue, such as an investor looking around your business. From there, you can ensure that your VIP guest receives an enhanced service both during and post-visit, giving them a positive impression of you and your business. You’ll also have access to all of the essential data needed to reach out to them going forward and tailor your communications accordingly. It would certainly sound impressive when speaking to an investor or VIP if you could easily reference their job title, how many times they’ve visited your venue and how often they usually stay for.

Fancy getting started with the Salesforce Connector? If you have an Enhanced License, you can easily find it by navigating through your portal to ‘Management,’ followed by ‘Connectors’. Not yet a Purple customer? No problem, sign up for an Enhanced trial today for free to see how the Salesforce Connector and Purple’s analytics data could prove beneficial for your business.

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