Score Big with Purple: Web-Based Wayfinding Takes Stadiums & Arenas to the Next Level

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Purple’s innovative web-based solutions eliminate fan frustration and unlock new revenue streams for stadiums

Purple, a global leader in indoor location services, announced today its expansion into the stadium and arena market with its innovative web-based digital wayfinding solutions. Leveraging a decade of experience in complex venues like hospitals, Purple empowers fans to navigate seamlessly, maximize their enjoyment, and ultimately, boost stadium revenue.

Revolutionizing the Fan Experience:

Today’s fans crave a frictionless, personalized experience throughout their stadium visit. From pre-game planning to navigating concessions and restrooms, ease and convenience are paramount. Yet, even 25% of regular attendees struggle with stadium navigation, hindering their enjoyment and impacting revenue opportunities.

Effortless Navigation, Elevated Engagement:

Purple’s web-based wayfinding tackles this challenge head-on, offering fans:

Seamless exploration: Locate food, merchandise, and restrooms closest to their seats with ease, complete with clickable descriptions, opening hours, and prices.
Stress-free arrival: Plan routes from home directly to their seats, ensuring they never miss a moment of the action.
Enhanced experience: Effortless navigation fosters a positive experience, encouraging longer dwell times and increased spending on concessions.

Purple CRO, Shaun Bossons, underscores the impact: “Today’s fans are digitally savvy and expect a frictionless experience, even at large, complex venues like stadiums. Our web-based wayfinding goes beyond simply offering directions; it empowers fans to navigate with confidence, discover new offerings, and ultimately enjoy their visit to the fullest. This translates to happier fans, longer dwell times, and increased revenue potential for stadiums – a true game-changer for the industry.”

Driving Revenue, Building Loyalty:

By empowering fans to effortlessly navigate and explore, Purple unlocks a range of benefits for stadiums:

Increased concessions sales: Fans easily find desired food, drinks, and merchandise, driving up spending potential.
Improved operational efficiency: Reduced lost time searching for facilities minimizes strain on staff resources.
Enhanced fan satisfaction: Stress-free navigation fosters a positive experience, building loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.

As Purple takes center stage in the stadium and arena market, it doesn’t just eliminate navigational hurdles or maximize convenience – it orchestrates a seamless symphony of fan experience and revenue generation. Leveraging a decade of expertise in complex venues, Purple’s integrated wayfinding and enterprise-class Wi-Fi solutions empower stadiums to create loyal fans, drive deeper engagement, and ultimately, redefine the game-day experience.

Purple CEO, Gavin Wheeldon comments “Fans deserve a seamless experience from the moment they arrive. Our integrated wayfinding and Wi-Fi solutions empower stadiums to deliver just that. By eliminating navigation anxiety, guiding fans directly to concessions, and fostering deeper engagement, we unlock opportunities for significant revenue growth and an unforgettable game-day experience.”

About Purple:

Founded in 2012, Purple provides the industry’s most comprehensive, flexible and proven indoor location services platform. With our solutions in over 60k venues worldwide, Purple specializes in delivering indoor location services solutions for healthcare, retail, hospitality, attractions and  transport. We do this to help businesses grow, increase customer loyalty, and enhance visitor experience.

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