SmartPhone users check Facebook app 14 times a day

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Recent research by IDC for Facebook has shown the terrifying extent of our social media habit, with the average FB smartphone user  logging on 14 times a day!

Obviously the growing use of smartphones makes it easier to fuel our addiction, where ever we are, whatever we’re doing! And the obsession will only get worse, looking forward to future trends. Whilst 79% of us feed our dependence by checking the Facebook app within 15 minutes of waking up, the number rises to 89% when looking at 18-24 year olds.

The research showed that Facebook was the third most popular app on smartphones, after email and the browser.

The most popular time to check Facebook is during the evening, just before bed. On average, we visit the app for two minutes and 22 seconds, 14 times a day. So the total amount of time we spend each day is half an hour.

Just under half of the Facebook users surveyed check the app whist out and about. The gym is one of the most popular places, at 48%, closely followed by 46% who check Facebook while they’re shopping.

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