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A look at Purple’s new brand with John Oliver, Chief Product Officer
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You might have noticed that we’ve changed our branding. The first thing to say is that we are definitely still providing WiFi solutions. Purple WiFi is still a core product of ours. It’s just that driven by our customers needs, we’ve started to think of what we can provide above and beyond WiFi. With the arrival…

Maximising the cloud in the workplace
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Our blog on BYOD in the workplace suggested that productivity increases if employers allow workers to bring their own device. Employees who wish to use their own devices usually expect that they can and an increasing number of establishments such as hospitals and education are allowing BYOD. In this blog we explore how the increase…

BYOD in the workplace
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Bring your own device, or BYOD, is a phenomenon allowing personal laptops, tablets and smartphones into the workplace to gain online access and view company information. Initially met with trepidation, it is now firmly entrenched into the corporate world. Whether employers like it or not, it’s happening! So should you have a policy in place?…

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