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encourage more visits and manage overflow in healthcare facility
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The Covid-19 pandemic has seen many people postpone their healthcare visits out of fear of infection. On top of that, due to sparse resources, critical Covid-19 cases caused a reshuffling of medical departments to fight the disease. Non-Covid patients, like those with diabetes and cancer, lost fast access to doctors for regular checkups. Fast forward…

digital wayfinding mike farrar nhs
Posted on | Updated on

Whilst digital wayfinding may not as yet be common parlance in the NHS, it may be that its emergence in the coming years heralds a mindset shift of sizeable proportion on the part of Trusts and their management culture. Wayfinding refers to information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding…

cyber security & seo
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Cybersecurity is at the forefront of our minds when it comes to protecting our personal data and financial assets – but is it the same for our SEO performance? For modern-day businesses, securing a space on Google’s first page is a top priority. It drives organic traffic, high-value leads, and increased profit, which is why…

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There is a wide range of SaaS services available on the market, which even entrepreneurs and small companies can afford in order to attract potential customers and increase sales. What is SaaS? SaaS stands for Software as a Service. To put it simply, it is any service for Internet users. “Google Drive”, Facebook, Viber, Office…

COVID Mobile Coverage
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As the world entered 2020, came along the novel coronavirus driving the demand for Internet services and reaching its peak as never before. Slowly and gradually, it became the ‘New Normal’ way of communication such as doing business with people remotely, online video consultations with patients, streaming videos, and socializing virtually via video conferencing for…

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