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Tag: nomophobia

How important is WiFi in daily life?
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If you were asked to rate the following in order of things you wouldn’t be able to live without, where do you think internet/ WiFi would be placed? Family / Friends Coffee and tea Laptop / tablet Bath / shower Car Pet TV Mobile phone Chocolate You might be surprised to find that it was…

A cure for phone addiction
Posted on

In an earlier blog we looked at nomophobia, or the fear of being without a mobile phone. We concluded that some of us might actually be getting dangerously attached to our phones. So, to avoid such drastic action as jumping into a drain pipe to rescue a lost phone (like Ella Birchenough) we questioned whether there…

Are we getting dangerously attached to our mobile devices?
Posted on | Updated on

Although the story of Ella Birchenough is quite an amusing one, it’s a slightly worrying indication of what we might risk to save our smartphones from any harm. Ella Birchenough was so desperate not to be without her mobile phone that after dropping it down a drain she jumped straight in to try to save…

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