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Marketing made easy with LogicFlow
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In June 2017 we released LogicFlow, a simple to use drag and drop builder that enables you to set up multi-staged marketing campaigns within minutes. With LogicFlow, you can automatically trigger an ‘action’, such as an e-shot, SMS message, splash page display or website redirect based on specific customer behavior, location, device and more.

There are a number of key benefits to using LogicFlow including;

  • Efficiency – setting up workflows literally takes minutes, lessening the burden on marketing teams
  • Automation – once a workflow is set up, just leave it to run, allowing you to maintain a constant flow of communication with your customers with minimal effort
  • Rewards – set up workflows that automatically reward your returning customers with offers and discounts to ensure they keep coming coming back
  • Promotions – make sure customers as always aware of offers relevant to them based on age, gender and interests, further enhancing the customer experience and increasing loyalty

So, what’s new?

We are pleased to announce a new development within LogicFlow that means you can now provide this truly bespoke experience before the customer authenticates onto your WiFi network.

The new functionality within LogicFlow allows you to present a targeted offline splash page to customers dependant on what time, and day, they access the guest WiFi.

What does this mean for you?

  • Increase customer spend – use your offline splash pages to promote day or time specific offers. A restaurant or bar could advertise happy hour between 5pm and 8pm, or a retail store could advertise a flash sale on a particular day.
  • Reward customers – a stadium or entertainment venue could promote pre or post game specials to reward ticket holders who arrive early, or stay late, to enjoy the concession stands, whilst also switching to sponsored partner webpages when the game or show starts.
  • Increase dwell time – use offline splash pages to entice visitors to stay longer. A municipality or shopping mall could list events, activities, and new store openings during the day and switch to restaurant and bar deals for happy hours to increase dwell times and spend in the area.

With LogicFlow, businesses and managed service providers have a great opportunity to engage customers, build brand awareness, maximise customer spend and increase return rates, all with minimal effort. It also opens a new revenue stream for third party sponsors to be seen by a captive audience who are already in your venue whether they connect or not.

The possibilities with this new function are endless and we are very excited to see what use cases you come up with.

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