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On February 14th, 2023, Purple launched its new Purple Partner Program. The rate of growth seen by Purple and the indoor location services market has clearly outlined the need for businesses to collect new insights that can provide actionable data to cut costs and increase revenue.

With its market-leading solutions, Purple makes collecting insights such as first-hand demographic data, and venue-level behavior incredibly simple. We provide venues with highly detailed analytics in the form of a cloud-based platform that can be overlayed to a range of existing hardware types providing speedy onboarding and quick return on investment.

Purple has a large partner base across more than 40 countries and these existing collaborations have enabled Purple to connect more than 1 million users across 60,000 locations in 150 countries every day!

As part of this program, Purple partners will receive access to a wealth of resources and support, allowing them to deliver unparalleled WiFi solutions to their clients. We are excited to collaborate with businesses that share our vision for the future of technology and can’t wait to see the amazing results that we can achieve together.

In this blog, you will learn the benefits of joining the Purple Partner Program, and how we work with referral and reseller partners to drive success and revenue growth.

Why you should join our partner program:

  • Win More Often – 12% Increased win rate in collaborative proposals
  • Win Bigger – 18% improvement in average deal size
  • Win Quicker – 20% Reduced time to close opportunities
  • Drive new revenue – $15 pull-through in partner services, for every $1 of Purple sold

What are the benefits of the Purple Partner Program?

  • Enhance your current offering with our innovative solutions
  • Tailored training and certification programs to accelerate your growth
  • Industry experts are at your disposal to support your sales teams and clients.
  • Partner with a market leader in WiFi analytics allowing you to differentiate from competitors and gain access to new revenue streams

We know that partners come in all different shapes and sizes with unique requirements, let’s take a look at how Purple can work with your business to meet your needs.

How Purple works with referral partners

This type of partner prefers to work with Purple on the basis of either this one opportunity or on a sporadic basis, through a no-fuss method. 

Instead of reselling Purple’s services, in-house teams will manage the project, keep you informed at every step, and manage the legal and contracting setup.

As a Referral Partner, you will provide introductions, we will provide the expertise in our solutions & technology, and drive the sales cycle to conclusion. We handle the sales process, implementation, and ongoing market-leading customer support for your clients. 

What are the benefits of working with Purple as a referral partner?

  • No sign-up fee, commitment, or investment needed
  • Straightforward and easy processes
  • More opportunities to grow your core business
  • Complimentary services that increase retention
  • You earn a commission for every new customer that signs on with Purple
  • Industry experts lead the sales cycle on behalf of the partner
  • Receive commission for making introductions
  • Partner sales teams have more time to work on other deals

How Purple works with reseller partners

Reseller Partners have been central to Purple’s success, we work alongside our Reseller Partners to build a strategic relationship with a joint commitment to invest and grow. Purple offers dedicated resources, tailored enablement, and support throughout the Purple Partner Program for collaborative selling.

The Reseller Partner Program offers 3 tiers. A commercial and partnership assessment and level of commitment will define the level at that a partner will enter the program.

In order to move up a tier, you must fulfill specified program requirements and will unlock additional benefits. The program is composed of 3 levels:

Standard – A standard reseller will generate a minimum of £25,000 per financial year

Premium – Premium resellers will generate a minimum of £150,000 per financial year

Purple – This tier is by invite-only, with requirements calculated based on Annually Recurring Revenue (A.R.R). 

What are the benefits of working with Purple as a reseller partner?

  • Sales & Marketing Enablement: Gain access to a rich set of sales tools and marketing resources. 
  • Discounts & Incentives: Partner discounts and access to qualified leads.
  • Mobilization: Tailored training including certification programs.  
  • Partner Success Managers: Will help to define go-to-market strategies, strategic goals, tactical execution, and relationship progression.
  • Access to innovative professional services helping with deployment and unlocking incremental benefits through value-added services.  

Where do I sign up?

Our Partner Team looks forward to telling you more about our program, benefits, and requirements. Get in touch today!

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