Tomizone & Purple Announce Major Technology Partnership

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May 4th, 2016 – Tomizone Limited (ASX: TOM) – the premier provider of managed, paid and free WiFi connectivity services to enterprises, brands and public venues – today announces its partnership with the intelligent spaces company Purple.

The alliance with Purple, which is the leading global provider of WiFi-based social engagement, marketing tools and location analytics, will bring a range of benefits:

  • Growth of Tomizone’s rich feature set and added performance across its customer base through advanced location-based technologies and user analytics
  • Acceleration towards market and product leadership in the Asia Pacific region
  • Reorientation of development resources capability towards lucrative adjacent markets
  • Acceleration of Tomizone’s evolution from WiFi connectivity provider to a broad-based consumer engagement and analytics-focused technology company

Tomizone and Purple have a shared vision – they seek to lead the way in the Asia Pacific region by offering a market-leading product across multiple market segments. Together, they can enable organisations, businesses and brands to capitalise upon IoT technologies to engage consumers, increase loyalty, and boost revenue within their venues.

Tomizone plans to integrate Purple’s advanced analytics suite into its existing offering, providing venues with enriched information and insights about the consumers and assets in their environment. Tomizone will provide Purple with proprietary technology and capability in areas such as progressive user profiling, payment systems and mobile platforms.

The combined offering harnesses the power of Big Data, enabling the joining of diverse data sets, including social networking data. Tomizone’s customers have the opportunity to unlock deep insights about their own businesses and consumers, which can be utilised to enhance monetisation opportunities, and grow consumer engagement and brand loyalty. 

Tomizone will employ Purple’s advanced wayfinding and venue directory services, which will enrich its contextualised service offerings in large venues, such as airports, commuter stations, retail centres and metro/campus precincts. It will also facilitate seamless connection of users to Tomizone’s mobile and transportation applications.

Purple is at the forefront of the development of “Intelligent Spaces” – physical spaces connected to multiple data sources, which provide deep insights about a venue and the people within it. Purple’s Fusion IoT connectors technology will form part of the integration, enabling Tomizone’s customers to harness multiple data sources from both physical devices and cloud based data sets to exploit the emerging technologies in smart buildings.

This major technology partnership allows both companies to provide customers with unmatched features, performance and flexibility. Leveraging the strong analytics and location-based capabilities of Purple will enable Tomizone to focus on developing high value applications in adjacent markets. Thus, supporting its expansion and evolution as an IoT focused company.  

Mr. Geoff Wanless, CEO of Tomizone said, “We are delighted with the partnership with Purple. Our joint efforts will allow us to offer the most comprehensive feature sets globally and provide an unrivalled offering, placing us well ahead of the competition in a fragmented market without a clear leader.”

Mr. Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple said, “We’re looking forward to working in partnership with Tomizone, one of the fastest growing companies in the APAC region. Like Purple, Tomizone is committed to excellence and has a strong focus on developing market-leading products. We will be expanding together across APAC, it’s going to be an exciting journey.”

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