Using WiFi in unusual ways

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The use of WiFi continues to grow in unique and unexpected ways. A while ago I wrote a blog about unusual place you might find wifi. And recently I’ve noticed a few interesting stories about some pretty unusual ways that we’re starting to use WiFi in our everyday lives.

WiFi Art

Artist Nickolay Lamm has produced a series of beautiful images which visualise what WiFi signals would look like if they could be seen within landscapes.

Lamm said: ‘I feel a lot of us take technology for granted and use it without appreciating the science that makes it work.’ To get the science right he worked together with M. Browning Vogel, an astrobiologist who worked at NASA Ames for five years and now teaches science at the University level. She provided captions for each image explaining how Wi-Fi works.

WiFi Toys

Next generation from Furbies, the Supertoy Teddy is an attempt to bring Siri-style language communication to a WiFi-enabled teddy bear. With the use of smart phone applications like Google Now, this company has spotted a way to give a more personal, fun approach to Kids.

This WiFi enabled Teddy uses a robotic mouth and voice box to sync with the words. It learns from experience to give a more personalised approach.

WiFi for dieting and health

Researchers at the National Taiwan University recently created a sensor which can be embedded into your mouth to help you curb bad habits, like over eating and smoking.

The sensor can detect the difference between eating, coughing, speaking, smoking, drinking and breathing.  This data is stored and transmitted to a server using WiFi, giving doctors an accurate picture of your habits, whether good or bad.

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