Big Box Retail, Shopping Malls & Chain Stores

Data collection, analytics, and navigation designed for the retail sector. Create a personalized experience and increase customer retention by up to 24%.

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Personalize the customer experience

Personalize the customer experience by ensuring consumers are receiving tailored messages, at the right time and when they’re ready to purchase.

Capture customer data

Add to your CRM database by collecting customer data through your guest WiFi. Build profiles and segment data that can be used to personalize communications. Anything from gender and age to social interests.

Understand customer behavior

Understand how customers interact with your venues and optimize your layout to increase the frequency and recency of visits.

Increase return rates

Use the customer data collected to build better customer profiles, optimize marketing campaign and send hyper-personalized marketing communications; driving loyalty and increasing customer retention by 24%.

Understand movement & guide your customers

Help your customers get to where they want to get to with our blue dot technology, think Google Maps but indoors. Understand where and for how long customers dwell. Understand any bottleneck and entry and exits points.

Third-party sponsorship

Drive revenue with fully customizable splash pages designed to allow ease of WiFi access, connect with multiple social media channels and re-direct customers to specific landing pages, advertisements or promotions.


Walmart stores

Case Studies

Walmart Canada

Purple and Cisco are excited to be working with Walmart Canada to help deliver a fast, free and secure guest WiFi network to customers across more than 400 stores.

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