Optimize your office space, control and monitor occupancy in real-time, and better manage overall running costs.

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Accurately track occupancy levels in real-time

Achieve 98% accuracy when counting and monitoring total occupancy numbers in-venue, ensuring staff and visitors can maintain a safe social distance at all times.

Get ahead of risks with occupancy alerts

Set up alerts that trigger when staff and visitor numbers are getting close to reaching capacity in a particular zone or floor allowing you to take action to control visitor flow.

Allow staff to book ahead of time

Allow staff to allocate and reserve space, whether that is a desk or conference room, for a set period of time; allowing offices to successfully control numbers within a certain area and ensure a safe working environment.

Benchmark space to optimize occupancy and performance

View how space is allocated across divisions, departments and buildings and compare these to identify vacancies, and spot where space is needed most.

Cleanliness alerts ensure high hygiene satisfaction

Maintain a high level of cleanliness with alerts that trigger letting employees know that a desk or conference room needs to be cleaned when vacated.

Create a safe and improved working environment

Understand total footfall, areas of dwell, potential bottlenecks and more. Use the data to optimize space and ensure overcrowding does not occur.

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