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Cities that offer free WiFi are losing huge amounts of data everyday

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We live in a world where digital inclusion is a priority - take advantage

Cities are quickly understanding the importance of connectivity

New York has already replaced over 7,500 payphones with new terminals called Links. These Links provide superfast, free, public WiFi, phone calls, device charging and a built-in tablet for access to city services. LinkUK is now being rolled out across London.

City WiFi has never been more important

By utilizing their existing fibre network, Barcelona offer city-wide free public WiFi. There are now over 670 WiFi hotspots around the city. This has resulted in over double the number of WiFi users in the last four years. Tourism has also increased by 300% during this period.

50% increase in reviews

With the use of Purples TripAdvisor connector, reviews have increased by 50%

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Benefits of WiFi analytics for towns and cities

Entice retailers

Capture data and track thousands of users per month. Use the captured data to identify the retail hotspots around the city.

Identify city-goers

Capture customer data in real-time via a captive login portal – this can include name, email address, date of birth, hometown and much more. Segment and analyze the data quickly from a centralized analytics platform.

Understand customer movement

Monitor footfall to identify your most popular locations, most popular days, and most popular times of day. Quickly understand the different nationalities visiting your city and monitor the impact of structural improvements and how they change customer flow e.g. new signage.


Tell people what is happening in your city to drive revenue and increase retention. Has a new restaurant opened? Have you changed a public transport route? Is there an event happening in the city? Use splash pages to inform your visitors; improving the customer experience.

Simple and seamless login

Accessing the WiFi is quick and simple, using either a short registration form or connect with social to enable visitors to log on using their social media credentials. You can also completely customize your online and offline splash pages with specific branding, promotions and advertising.

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