Towns and Smart Cities

We live in a world where digital inclusion is a priority, cities that don't offer free wifi are losing out on key data and insights

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Identify city-goers

Capture customer data in real-time via a captive login portal – this can include name, email address, date of birth, hometown and much more.

Identify tourist hotspots

Monitor footfall to identify your most popular locations, most popular days, and most popular times of the day.

Improve multilingual services

Quickly understand the different nationalities visiting your city using our multilingual portal report, tailor how you cater to popular nationalities.

Improve city planning

Monitor the impact of structural improvements and how they change customer flow e.g. new wayfinding signage.

Promote local events

Tell people what is happening in your city to drive revenue and increase retention through the use of fully customizable splash pages.

All your data in one place

Segment and analyze the data quickly from a centralized analytics platform.


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Case Studies

City of York

Purple is working with Pinacl Solutions, one of the UK’s leading Managed Services Providers, and Ruckus Wireless, the global WiFi technology pioneer, to deliver a secure Social WiFi solution for City of York Council.

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