Location Services

Purple's location services actively help businesses enhance the traditional customer experience

The use of indoor maps, geofencing, wayfinding technology, and location analytics help improve and understand how guests move around and interact with even the most complex of venues

All venues ranging from retail to stadiums rely on creating the best possible visitor experience, from both enjoyment and safety perspectives. With both small and large capacity venues, multi-use wayfinding, indoor maps, and signage have begun to play a vital role in helping visitors navigate around, discover, and enjoy their experience.

Combine this technology with our location services and geofencing to not just improve how visitors interact with your venue but personalize any guest experience with real-time messaging that triggers when users enter a certain area, promoting things such as products, promotions and upcoming events.

Guide users through your campus and interior buildings with turn-by-turn directions, with highlighted path segments layered over indoor maps.

Organize your data so users can find relevant information about their destination and explore new points of interest within your space.

Navigate the indoors just like the outdoors with blue dot positioning, animated walking routes, and turn-by-turn prompts.

Set out virtual boundary areas to provide information about events, daily activities, special offers and promotional opportunities.

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