Enterprise-Class Analytics

Query all of your venue data in seconds

Access and analyze data from our enterprise-class analytics platform.

Being able to visualize the data presented is key to identifying and understanding your customers and how your space is utilized. Our analytics suite works on the principal of one page, one report, and is designed to allow you to query your data, your way. It's quick, scalable and easy on the eyes.

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Benefits of Enterprise-Class Analytics

Built off a brand-new database structure, our analytics suite is lightning quick

One page, one report, allowing you to focus on the metrics that matter

Over 5,000 filters to slice and dice your visitor data

Multiple graph types and filters to view your data, your way

A growing list of reports to compare your datasets in a single view

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Analytics features


Understand your customers and analyze venue performance with a range of reports and filters

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Social Responsibility Dashboard

Manage your venue density score, hygiene rating and NPS score with Purple’s social responsibility dashboard.

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Here’s how our customers use analytics

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