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Improve venue safety, capture visitor data, personalize the experience and drive loyalty

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The need for change

COVID has driven a shift in how visitors behave and businesses within the food and beverage sector are having to adapt, quickly. Overall occupancy is down and brand loyalty has taken a significant hit; with visitors looking elsewhere for safe, convenient and enjoyable experiences.


Decline in revenue across casual and fine-dining restaurants over the course of the pandemic


Of consumers in the U.S. have changed behavior, with the majority doing so for value, availability, and convenience


Will not interact with a restaurant brand again following a single negative experience

Experience as a differentiator

Experience is quickly becoming a key differentiator in securing loyalty and getting visitors to return and spend.


If visitors do not feel safe, and if they do not enjoy the experience, they will not return - which means a loss of current and future revenue to competitors


Experience has become a differentiator and through clear insight, communication, engagement and operational change, it is possible to improve


Respond to a change in consumer behavior - stand out from the competition and start to capture new visitors, improve brand reputation and better position for the future


Increase visitor return rates, save through improved operational efficiencies and develop a larger platform for growth

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Here’s how Purple can help

Offer a free, secure and data compliant guest WiFi network that perfectly matches your brand and delivers key messages

Manage every step of your visitor WiFi experience, from login methods and beautifully designed splash pages, to branding, key updates and advertising to educate your visitors and help you drive revenue.

You can even connect with social to allow visitors to login quickly using their social media credentials.

Capture visitor data, boost your CRM records and increase marketing outreach

Food and beverage venues typically only capture the data of the lead booker. Our captive WiFi platform allows you to collect contact data from every visitor who connects to your guest WiFi whilst dining.

Use the data collected to build detailed visitor profiles, personalize your engagement, and significantly increase the outreach of marketing campaigns.

Boost spend, increase promotional uptake and redirect visitors to your loyalty sign up page

Use the WiFi access journey to promote 2-4-1 offers during happy hour, or let visitors know that if they purchase a large cup of coffee in the afternoon, that they can also get a discounted cookie.

On successful authentication onto the WiFi, you can apply redirects that take visitors straight to your loyalty sign up page to help increase sign ups and secure long-term business.

Welcome your new visitors and reward those who are loyal encouraging them to return again and again

As restaurants, bars and cafes begin to re-open, this provides an excellent opportunity for brands to capture and delight new visitors.

Send your new visitors a welcome email that includes the latest offers or promotions available. Reward your returning visitors with an SMS message that thanks them for their continued loyalty and offers a 20% discount if they book again in the near future.

Boost your online presence, get more reviews and beat your competitors

Connect our platform with leading review providers such as TripAvdvisor and Trustpilot to instantly boost your online presence.

Let visitors know that you value their opinion with automatic email prompts politely asking them to leave a review following their visit. Use the feedback collected to further improve your venue operations and the visitor experience.

Keep your business front of mind and encourage visitors to return with personalized emails

When visitors leave your venue the engagement doesn’t stop. Follow up with an email thanking them for their visit, and tempt them back with a personalized offer they can’t refuse; increasing loyalty and customer retention.

See exactly how your space is used and optimize to match

Understand total footfall, areas of dwell, potential bottlenecks and more through a variety of location based reports that can deliver cm accuracy.

Use the data to understand your busiest times of day and optimize staffing capabilities, stock and opening times to match.

The visitor journey

Improve venue safety, capture visitor data, personalize the experience and drive loyalty


Provide a free, secure and safe WiFi experience that perfectly matches your brand and helps drive spend


Use the access journey to advertise current offers and promotions to drive uptake and increase spending


Promote loyalty throughout the access journey to drive awareness and downloads


Reward your loyal visitors and encourage them to return with personalized offers


Receive feedback from your visitors on their experience and overall satisfaction

3.7 million

WiFi users in 18 months

Case Studies

Pizza Express

PizzaExpress is working with Purple and Redcentric to deliver a free, fast and secure guest WiFi network and tailor the diner experience across 470+ restaurants across the UK and Northern Ireland.

More case studies

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