Hospital mapping & digital wayfinding solutions for healthcare

Optimize venue safety, reduce patient anxiety, and improve the overall experience

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The need for change

Healthcare venues have been facing a number of challenges for many years.


Of patients are getting lost in healthcare venues


The cost of each missed hospital appointment in the US


Of patients are frustrated with the healthcare experience

Focus hasn’t changed

Pre-Covid, during Covid and in Covid recovery, the focus areas of improvement remain relatively unchanged.


Patient experience, appointment discipline, staff interruptions and space optimization

During Covid

Patient anxiety and safety, confidence for elective procedures, minimize contact and exposure to others and support a fluid environment

Covid recovery

Evolve physical and digital wayfinding, increase opportunities for revenue, increase staff efficiency, optimize space utilization and reduce operational costs

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Here's how Purple can help

Digital maps and Indoor navigation for hospitals

Reduce pre-visit anxiety with appointment reminders and route planning

Appointment reminders can be sent via email or SMS. Link to our wayfinding web application to allow patients to plan their route prior to visiting. Advise on the best location to park and entrance to use on arrival. You can also include important safety information and changes to procedures.

Digital displays for healthcare

Minimize safety risks and reduce the reliance on hospital staff

In-venue wayfinding kiosks allow patients to plan and download navigation routes on arrival, helping them get from A to B quickly and efficiently using the safest and least congested routes.

Keep patients and visitors up to date with the latest safety information

Location-based messaging allows you to deliver up to date information to patients, staff and visitors based on their exact location within your venue. Remind patients to sanitize their hands in waiting rooms, or let visitors know if there have been updates to visiting hours.

Allow patients and visitors to report issues and potential risks when in your facility

Incident reporting allows visitors and patients to report spillages and other potential hazards; triggering a real-time alert for hospital staff to take action and reduce risk.

Location sharing allows patients to share their location with family and friends

Let family and friends know your exact location, helping them identify the best place to park, which entrance to use, and which route to take.

Gather feedback to understand if the patient experience was satisfactory

Ask your patients for feedback following their visit. Use the information to further improve your services and get a complete understanding of patient sentiment.

See exactly how your space is used and optimize to match

Use location data to understand total footfall, areas of dwell, potential bottlenecks and more through a variety of location based reports that can deliver cm accuracy, and use the data to optimize your space.

The patient journey

Optimize venue safety, reduce patient anxiety, and improve the experience


Improve appointment attendance rates and reduce pre-visit patient anxiety with appointment reminders and route planning


Reduce the reliance on staff and help patients get from A to B quickly and safely with digital maps and wayfinding


Get ahead of risks and minimize safety hazards with incident reporting and real-time alerts that lead to action


Allow patients to share their location letting visitors know where best to park and which entrance to use


Get a complete understanding of patient sentiment and use the information to further improve operations

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Case Studies

St George's Healthcare Trust

St George’s Hospital has partnered with Purple and Softcat to install a new guest WiFi network for patients, staff and visitors

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