Standard SLA

Service Availability Target Levels

Measurement Annual Monthly
99.9% 8hrs 46mins 12secs 43mins 50secs

Service Availability is the amount of time (represented as a percentage) that systems are available and functional.

Purple aims to achieve 99.9% Service Availability across a given measurement period (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually).

Support Target Levels

Priority Level Response Time Resolution Time
Critical (P1) 1 hr 4 hrs
High (P2) 2 hrs 8 hrs
Medium (P3) 3 hrs
Low (P4) 4 hrs

Severity Level Escalation Mechanism

Where a Support Request becomes an issue of priority for the customer, the customer reserves the right to upgrade the level of severity (that is P1, P2, P3 or P4) allocated where it deems appropriate in its discretion by notifying Purple.

Quarterly Service Review

A regular meeting of relevant parties from the customer and Purple will take place each quarter to review service level performance, discuss any ongoing issues, and provide feedback.

Standard SLA
Created on 09 June 2023
Last updated on 06 July 2023
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