Transport Hubs

Leverage digitalization to treat passengers more like consumers of your retailers and restaurants in terminals and stations

Understanding how passengers move around your terminal has never been more important

74% of passengers would accept push notifications

With the majority of passengers wanting to be kept informed via their smart devices, personalization can increase customer retention by 24% through hyper-personalized marketing and engagement. Passengers are looking for airport, train and bus terminals to customize relevant, real-time messages to demographics, behavior, social interests, and return visits in their own language.

59% of passengers would use a digital travel concierge

An extra 10 minutes in a security line reduces an average passenger’s retail spend by 30%, according to SITA. Passengers are looking for a comfortable, passenger-centric experience and easily accessible information on current offers and services. Achieving this can lead to increased dwell times in terminal shops and restaurants as well as increased spend and return customers.

European Airport Group


daily logins and personalized passenger messages

Create a personalized experience with your passengers and drive behavior that really matters

Collect passenger data with a captive social WiFi portal and use location analytics to positively impact dwell time, spend and return rates

Identify your customers

Airports, train stations and coach stations know the names of their passengers – but not their movement in the terminal or social interests to influence behavior with relevant marketing. By collecting this information with Purple’s social WiFi captive portal, marketing teams can identify and personalize the end-to-end passenger experience.

Understand behavior

Location services enable transportation hubs to monitor footfall, dwell times, repeat visits, entry and exit points, queue lengths and overcrowding hot spots. With Purple’s built-in LogicFlow marketing tool, airport, train and bus terminals can action this data in real-time to optimize digital signage, merchandise stalls, and passengers’ proximity to amenities, retailers, and restaurants.

Drive spend in real-time

Promote onsite and duty free spend within your terminal rather than lose revenue to airport or train carriers, competitors, or on-flight services while generating third party revenue. Drawing on WiFi and location analytics, adapt to specific customer segmentation groups and use the real-time marketing features to react to unexpected situations.

Content filtering

Tens of thousands of families and children travel through your transport hub each day, which means there is a need to restrict access to inappropriate content for younger visitors. With Purple, content filtering can be easily activated to ensure all users are safe and averted from any inappropriate sites whilst waiting to board.

Bespoke login journey

Onboarding is simple and flexible, using either social media authentication or a short registration form. Transportation hubs can completely customize offline and online splash pages to include specific branding, promotions and advertising for retailers, or redirect to landing pages with up-to-date flight information. Manage every step of your passenger brand experience with real-time e-shots and SMS alerts.

"Our intention was to create an easily accessible and cost-efficient WiFi solution for our guests. Because of the roaming issues when travelling through multiple EU and non-EU countries, our major requirement was to be able to restrict data usage. An additional requirement was to be able to manage all the devices and networks centrally from our Head Office in Stuttgart. With Deutsche Telekom, Meraki and Purple we found a perfect fitting WiFi solution and very reliable partners."

Andreas Grasberger
Head of IT and Data Management at Nicko Cruises

"Purple has given QAL insights into our passenger and guest traffic in and around our four airports via a well laid out, user friendly browser based environment. They ticked every box throughout the open market evaluation process."

Beau Tydd
General Manager for People and Technology at Queensland Airport Ltd

"Purple offers a complete solution with all the functionality we need. It allows TMB to place customers at the heart of our business by truly understanding their behaviours and preferences. Capturing user analytics will help us to monitor how our campaigns are being received and more accurately segment our audience. Furthermore, we can personalise all marketing activities to appeal to each customer’s interests and easily generate tailored splash pages with relevant ads that grab attention."

Hector Albesa
Innovation Consultant for Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB)

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