Use Cases

Ensure venue compliance, cleanliness and social responsibility

Countries across the world have enforced COVID guidelines to ensure safety, so it is crucially important for businesses and venues to comply. If they don’t, in a lot of cases, they now risk fines and even closure.

This means venues need to focus on occupancy control, cleanliness, and hygiene satisfaction, not only to comply with government guidance but to reassure visitors, make them feel safe, and encourage them to return again in the future.

Accurate people counting

Achieve 98% accuracy when counting visitor numbers

Through connecting hardware with our enterprise-class analytics platform, businesses can achieve up to 98% accuracy when counting visitor numbers. The accuracy of the data collected offers confidence and reassurance that it is possible for visitors and staff to maintain a safe social distance.

Better manage cleaning schedules

Set up alerts that trigger based on visitor usage

Maintain a high level of cleanliness with alerts that trigger letting employees know that a specific area or zone with your venue needs to be disinfected following set levels of visitor usage.

Social responsibility

Connect occupancy data with our Social Responsibility Dashboard

Connect the occupancy data collected with our Social Responsibility Dashboard for a complete overview of visitor satisfaction. For those visitors who connect to WiFi, follow up after their visit with a hygiene survey to ensure they are satisfied with the measures you have put in place to control visitor flow and ensure cleanliness.

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