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Amplify your marketing efforts with Logic Flow


Logic Flow was released in early 2017 and in essence is a marketer’s best friend. It’s a simple to use drag and drop builder which allows you to setup complex, multi-staged marketing campaigns within minutes.
With Logic Flow you can trigger an ‘action’, such as an email, webhook, SMS, splash page or website redirect. Actions can then be tailored to their specific audience, based upon user behavior, location, device and even the weather!
They’re so simple to use and setup that your whole team can use them right away. The result? People in departments from sales to marketing to operations now have the power to select and adopt actions to improve marketing comms and enhance your guest experience.

Drag and drop nodes
Marketing automation made easy


At the heart of Logic Flow are the nodes and they form the structure of creating a flow. With a ‘Start’ and ‘End’ point, you can visually see how your flow will work, allowing you to create decisions based on various parameters and trigger actions effortlessly.
Logic Flows are clear, beautiful and actionable. A simple drag and drop builder provides an insightful visual of how your Logic Flow is setup and what actions are set based on the decisions created.

Logic Flow gives you and your venue greater capabilities to target users to a granular level. Easily segment users by demographics such as age and gender.
For example, if the weather outside is sunny and a user in a department store is female, you could send them to a summer dress section. If it’s raining, why not send all demographics to a page selling umbrellas? This provides more targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in happy customers and ultimately increased revenue.
Use Cases
Delivering an immediate social media boost through our social WiFi experience


The weather can be a powerful ally when creating logic flow,
the example below redirects users depending on the weather.
If it is sunny outside – start selling those BBQ’s!

Gender & age range
In this example, you can see how Logic Flow is targeting
users by demographics such as gender and age range.
The outcome is either an SMS, eShot or redirect.

Bespoke user journey
Logic flow can be setup at a customer level, allowing you to form bespoke user journeys at specific venues. You can see below that the user will be taken to a specific online splash page depending on which venue they’re visiting.

Use webhooks to identify specific guests when they authenticate onto your WiFi and take customer engagement to a whole new level. From this use case, users that enter the VIP lounge will trigger a webhook and push their user data to your specified destination.

Here’s just a few benefits of using Logic Flow


Easily segment customer data, using a clear interface

Automate and trigger SMS and eMarketing sends

Redirect user segments to different splash pages

Empower your marketing team to create complex campaigns

setup an advanced marketing campaign in minutes

Clear, beautifully designed, drag and drop builder
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