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digital health optimizing patient journey header

The realization of how important digital solutions are for healthcare venues has caused significant changes to the way hospitals have begun to operate over the past 10 years and with a large number of healthcare providers knowing they must improve the patient experiences, the adoption of technology has allowed healthcare providers to greatly influence patients’…

encourage more visits and manage overflow in healthcare facility

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen many people postpone their healthcare visits out of the fear of infection. On top of that, due to sparse resources, critical Covid-19 cases caused a reshuffling of medical departments to fight the disease. Non-Covid patients, like those with diabetes and cancer, lost fast access to doctors for regular checkups. Fast…

In July 2021 U.S. News released their annual Honors Roll for the top 20 rated U.S. hospitals, and in this blog, we’ll show you the honors roll top 3, what they’re ranking for, and their focus toward patient experience. Annual U.S. hospital honor roll Each year U.S. News for Health releases its ranks for the…

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