WiFi and analytics is now on the menu at Aubaine restaurants

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Diners visiting Aubaine French brasseries can now feast on free WiFi thanks to a solution delivered by Purple, the intelligent spaces company, which also allows the brand to learn more about their clientele by capturing detailed analytics from the network.

With eight restaurants situated across London – including two cafes and bakeries – Aubaine has gained a solid reputation for serving up delicious French cuisine for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The group sought the services of Purple to help them to gain a deeper insight into their diners, which in turn will help them to deliver more effective end-user marketing and drive footfall.

Diners can access high-speed, secure WiFi at all of their independent venues dotted around the capital either via social media or a short form. During this login process, an assortment of highly valuable insights are captured, including the individual’s name, age, gender, interests, visitor location and frequency of visits. All of this information can then be utilized by Aubaine’s marketing team to develop tailored communications, bespoke offers, and content suited to their core demographic.

The solution, which was rolled out by Tech Support Group using Cisco Meraki equipment, has already seen a significant level of usage since the contract was signed in July 2017. Almost 14,000 people have already logged onto the network via a fully branded splash page, with the form proving to be the most popular access method.

London is a very popular destination for tourists and this is evidenced by the top visitor locations for the restaurant, which includes London, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, and Paris. The data gathered in the portal also shows that 58% of the people using the WiFi are female. These insights will allow the team to come up with bespoke offers and new menu items based on who is actually visiting their sites.

The Purple portal also features a number of other tools suited to those operating in the restaurant sector. Purple’s Micro Survey feature enables brands to ask diners about their experience, such as how the service was during their visit or what they’d like to see on the menu. A TripAdvisor connector is also available, which prompts people to leave reviews after their visit, allowing restaurants to collect more feedback and learn about what does and doesn’t appeal to customers.

Commenting on the deployment of Purple at Aubaine Restaurants, Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “With Purple, Aubaine can gain a much deeper understanding of who their diners really are. The team can find out where people come from, the most popular gender, how long people stay for on average and whether their restaurants attract frequent diners. With all of this knowledge available via one easily accessible platform, the chain is in a good position to improve customer engagement, grow footfall, increase reviews and actually get a return on their WiFi investment.”

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